November 30, 2016

Oh say can you see . . . ?

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , , at 8:13 pm by chuckredman

It’s one thing to burn the flag with a cigarette lighter. That’s a sad thing to see, but it illuminates the fact that someone feels very desperate about the choices our country seems to be making.

But to burn the flag with hateful rhetoric, personal attacks on anyone with opposing views, and Presidential threats which would shred the Bill of Rights: that’s a real act of destruction. That’s the kind of burning that actually hurts people, scars them, chars our society.

If there’s any kind of flag-burning that needs to be punished, it’s that kind.




  1. Nancy Borelli said,

    You are so wise. Thank you for your always enlightening perspective.

    • chuckredman said,

      Thanks, Nance. It’s kind of therapeutic to write these things. Better than keeping it all inside.

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