December 27, 2015

What books will they write?

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I do not want a future generation of world scholars to have to write books with titles like “The Rise of Fascism in America”. But the subject matter for such books is happening before our eyes, and such history cannot be unwritten.

If a major political party cannot manage its own organization, how can it expect to manage the country? If that party allows a dangerous fascist (dangerous because of his money and his cult following) to run for office under its banner, then that party may someday become a party of armbands.

The Republican Party needs to oust Mr. Trump from its membership list, and bar him from its primaries. I don’t believe there is any legal reason why it cannot do exactly that. He can run independently, if he wishes. This is America.

If the Republican Party does not expel Mr. Trump, I don’t see how it can be respected or taken seriously, let alone continue as a part of our central government.

Perhaps this is a good time to think about whether we want to begin moving away from partisan politics altogether. Maybe our system of government would function better if there were no parties or labels, only ideas and individuals. Could such a change be the silver lining of this whole scary episode? Could such a lovely reform be the final, happier chapter of those books that a future generation of scholars will be writing?



  1. Nancy Borelli said,

    What a wonderful concept! Let’s hope in the meantime the Republican party comes to its senses.

    • chuckredman said,

      I hope so, not for their sake, but for the sake of democracy, such as it is. Thanks, guys.

  2. Pat Fuller said,

    Yikes, Chuck! I agree, but yikes! This is pretty strong.

    • chuckredman said,

      I hope I’m overreacting, but there have been too many psychos in the world who snowball to power starting the way Trump is starting.

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