May 26, 2013


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Although my profession may not be the oldest, it was already the brunt of jokes and bad-mouthing even in quite ancient times.  Here’s a passage I came across yesterday, which sounds so relevant still today:

We earned our pension rights – and was that enough? It wasn’t. Our claims are contested, we’re dragged into court, humiliated by smart-arse, beardless barristers who sweep us aside like fluff, like chaff. — Aristophanes, Acharnians (425 B.C.)

Sounds like an editorial in the New York Times!  Aristophanes’ anti-war theme, which is the main theme of many of his plays, also resounds in today’s world.



  1. Pat Fuller said,

    Chuck – Well, you don’t fit the stereotype. You are neither smart-arse nor beardless!!

    Love, Pat

    • chuckredman said,

      Yeah, fortunately most lawyer jokes don’t offend me. I guess part of me agrees with the lawyer-bashing.

      Thanks Pat, Love, Chuck

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